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Regardless of what type of industry you serve, you need your ice maker and refrigeration equipment running at peak performance. We provide commercial ice machine repair and refrigeration services for many types of foodservice industries:

Restaurants and Bars
Healthcare Facilities
School and University Cafeterias
Convenience Stores and Food Markets
Catering Facilities
Corporate Cafeterias
Military Bases
Recreation and Entertainment Venues
Any business using commercial ice machines

Keep your Ice Machine Performing at Top Capacity with Planned Maintenance

To ensure your commercial ice machine, or any type of ice maker or refrigeration equipment is running smoothly, you need to ensure it is serviced with proper regular maintenance by trained service technicians.

Smart Care Equipment Solutions Planned Maintenance is your SMART choice.

Benefits of Ice Machine Planned Maintenance (PM) Services:
Ensures accurate temperature exchange
Decreases run times
Improves unit efficiency and energy savings
Eliminates the presence of mold or bacteria in the unit
Improves ice quality
Ice cubes last longer
Ice volume size is greater requiring fewer cubes to fill a glass
Prevents unit failure resulting from scale or mineral build-up
Helps ensure positive health inspection ratings
Examples of PM Checks for an Ice Maker:
Electrical checks: loose or cracked wires. Inspect for signs of arcing; amp and voltage calibration
Evaporator checks: clean and sanitize, rinse components, flush with fresh water after the cycle is complete
Condenser checks: proper operation, free of debris and clean as needed
Hoses, tubing, and bin checks: inspect for mold, remove and sanitize
Water filter check: replace if needed
Commonly reported problems with ice machines are limited ice production. Before calling for a service technician, there are a few troubleshooting basics you can perform.

Cleaning & Maintenance Recommendations
Review ice machine cleaning recommendations here or read our blog How Often Does a Commercial Ice Machine Need to be Cleaned?

Ice Maker Troubleshooting Basics:
Slow or low ice production?
Is water flow or pressure into the machine low?
Is the temperature of incoming water above 50 degrees?
Is the water filter dated within the last year?
Is there adequate space between the unit and surrounding equipment for air flow?
We understand that low or no ice production can feel like an emergency. When your ice maker or other refrigeration equipment is not functioning correctly, we know you need solutions fast; we are here to help.