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Nights can get down-right cold. Routine maintenance on your furnace is just as important as your vehicle. Not to mention the safety aspect of having your furnace inspected every year, it can help you prevent costly repairs, replacements and extend the life of your heating system. Schedule your Fall furnace maintenance before the winter season begins. You can save time, money and headaches by preparing ahead. Here's what we can do for you:

Complete Electrical Inspection of Motors, Capacitors, Contactors
Safety Check of Limits, Relays, and Emergency Shutoffs
Supply and Change Filter, Clean EAC if Present
Check Heat Exchanger for Dangerous Cracks
Perform Carbon Monoxide Test and Gas Leak Test
Check Gas Pressures and Adjust
Remove and Clean Flue Pipe
Clean Burner Assembly
Check Thermostat Calibration and Recalibrate